Below is an alphabetical list of all Masterclasses 

A Meeting with The Board of Karma  1 part
Abundance Soul Manifestation and Your Divine Plan  3 Parts
Advanced Soul Embodiment and Completion Supported by The Higher Rays Of Light  5 Parts
3 Alchemist of The Universe with The Angels of Alchemy
2 Alchemist of The Universe with The Angels Of Alchemy
Andromedan Energy Transmission of Light Signatures Codes Translations and Communications  3 Parts
3 Ascending Transformation of The Emotional Mental Spiritual Bodies
5 Ascension Seats of The Universe of The Creator the Creation of Your Personal Ashram
3 Atlantis Awakening for Ascension with The Celestial White Beings
3 Awakening the Truth of Mother Earth Venus Pleiades and The Andromedans

1 Boost and Access Your Inner Radiant Health and Wellbeing
2 Co-Creating Purification and Blessings with Lady Nada
3 Cosmic Heart Chakra Advanced Activations for Self and Earth
4 Creator Acceptance Through The 4-7 Rays of Light
3 Creator Acceptance Through the Primary Rays of Light
3 Crystalline Unification to Accelerate and Deepen Your Ascension
2 Divine Guidance Reassurance with Archangel Metatron
3 Earths Alignment with Venus with The Andromedans
1 Energetic Update for Now and the Future

3 How to Love Yourself Unconditionally
3 I Am Keys of Angelic Awakening and Activations
4 Journey 2 Illuminating Your Channel with Master Kuthumi
3 Journey 3 Empowering Your Channel with Master Kuthumi
3 Journey 4 Advancing Your Channel with Master Kuthumi
3 Lady Portia and The Violet Flame
3 Lighten Up with The Celestial White Beings
1 Manifesting A Planet of Love Mother Earths and Your Love Embodiment Initiations
5 Navigating the Era of Love
1 New Christ Consciousness Imprints for The Earth and Humanity

3 Preparation for Channelling
1 Question and Answer with The Celestial White Beings by Natalie Glasson
4 Rebirth of Your Higher-Self in To Embodiment
3 Receiving the Healing of The Universe
3 Rising Ascension Start the Marriage of Ancient Mysteries and Your Ascension
3 Soul Alchemy to Support the Transformation of Your Soul
3 Soul Group Exploration Embodiment and Healing
4 Star Beings Collaboration Renewal of Friendship Between Humanity and The Star Beings

3 The Ascension of Your Infinite Self
3 The Jewels of Your Relationship with The Earth
3 The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemurias Divine Advancements for The Next Phase of Ascension
3 The Rising of Your Inner Sun
2 Transforming Fear into Freedom
5 Venus and Christ Collaboration for Ascension Acceleration